Dentistry For Your Alexandria Child

Categories: Family Dentistry

Dentistry For Child Mt. Vernon Center for Dentistry provides family dentistry for infants, children, and adults. Our pediatric dentistry approach always takes into consideration the special circumstances that children require.

A little extra patience with our children patients is critical. We understand that going to the dentist can be a bit frightening for a child, so we make sure they are comfortable with their surroundings, and always invite mom or dad to join them in the room.

Family dentistry for children requires more than just comfort, however. We take care to notice development patterns and watch for future trouble before it happens. We also teach proper hygiene for our child patients so that we can help you reinforce healthy habits that will produce strong, healthy and lasting teeth.

Dentistry for children is a big part of our practice here at Mt. Vernon Center for Dentistry.

If you need dentistry for your child, give us a call: 703-360-5881