Root Canals

Root Canal Dentist in Alexandria, VA

Relaxing root canals in Alexandria, VA with Dr. James Geren, DDS.Most people who read the phrase “root canal” have a nervous reaction to it. Stories from times before good anesthetics and proper dental equipment have impacted our modern view of this dental procedure.

Some people who need this procedure would rather live with the severe pain of their toothache than get the dreaded root canal treatment.

We’d like to set the record straight that root canals are actually a tooth pain-relieving and tooth-saving procedure!

What Is a Root Canal?

There is a part of your tooth that is actually called the root canal. It is a small passage filled with blood vessels and nerves that passes through the roots of your teeth. As with any portion of your tooth, this root canal can sometimes become infected.

Root canal procedures treat this tooth infection using a method very similar to a standard tooth cavity filling.

  1. First we open the top of the tooth so that we can access the infection.
  2. Then we clean out all damaged material inside the tooth.
  3. We then replace the damaged pulp with a biocompatible filling that keeps the rest of the tooth healthy.
  4. We cap the tooth with a custom-designed dental crown.

All of this is done with proper anesthetic and the most effective tools available to ensure that your dental experience is as comfortable as possible.

Why Should I Get a Root Canal in Alexandria?

Tooth Pain Relief | Tooth infections of the root canal area are notoriously painful. They affect a portion of the tooth that has highly sensitive nerve endings. Often, a tooth that needs a root canal treatment is unmistakable.

A root canal treatment isn’t always comfortable, due to pressure inside the tooth while working, and some healing time will be required. However, this treatment is designed to relieve that toothache pain—not cause more. The sooner you get the root canal therapy procedure, the sooner you can live your life without daily tooth pain. We happily provide several different sedation dentistry options to help make the procedure more comfortable and pain-free.

Prevent Tooth Infection Spread | Tooth pain relief is a major reason to have the root canal treatment that you need, but it’s not the only one. As with standard cavities, any infection left untreated can end up spreading. This puts the rest of your teeth at risk of decay. A tooth that doesn’t receive the treatment it needs may end up needing a complete tooth extraction.

This infection spread can also threaten the adjacent teeth. The longer the tooth infection is left to spread, the more teeth you may lose. Getting treatment quickly can prevent further tooth pain or dental damage! It also may help you avoid future root canals for other teeth.

Root Canal Treatment at Mt. Vernon Center for Dentistry

If you are experiencing severe tooth pain, call us immediately! The sooner we can treat you, the sooner you can get out of tooth pain and back to your life.