Laser Dentistry

Dental Laser Technology in Alexandria

Your dental laser dentist in AlexandriaLaser dentistry is a relatively recent advancement in gentle, more precise dental care, and Dr. Geren and Dr. Mady, with their extensive training in dental lasers, has mastered its use.

Laser dentistry involves using a laser in place of traditional and more invasive tools. The focus of dental lasers provides more specific and localized care, reducing pain associated with some treatments.

Dental lasers can also minimize bleeding and even cauterize wounds, meaning tissue heals faster.

Laser dentistry can also reduce the likelihood of bacterial infection, with its high-energy beam to sterilize treatment areas.

Procedures that benefit from Laser Dentistry

There are a number of dental procedures in both the hard and soft tissues of the mouth that can be performed with dental lasers, including:

  • Early Cavity Detection. Dental lasers can more precisely detect softer areas of teeth, indicating the first signs of decay leading to cavities.
  • Non surgical periodontal treatment. Dental lasers can kill bacteria that cause gum disease and also promote healing.
  • Laser Gum Treatment. If you have a “gummy smile”, Dr. Geren and Dr. Mady can use laser dentistry to reshape the gum tissue around your teeth and expose the healthy teeth underneath the gums.

Dental lasers are a great addition to the tools available to create and maintain beautiful smiles. We are proud to offer laser dentistry services at Mt. Vernon Center for Dentistry! Call our Alexandria office today to learn how laser dentistry can help you.