Are Dental Implants Right for Me?

The strength and density of your jawbone is a crucial factor as to whether implant dentistry is an option for tooth replacement. Dr. Geren and Dr. Mady can evaluate your jaw and overall oral health to help you decide if teeth implants are right for your tooth replacement needs.

Implant dentistry can still be a great solution for tooth replacement, even if the following conditions apply:

  • Existing Dental Work. Teeth implants can either provide a tooth replacement or reinforce dental work you already have, such as dental bridges or dentures.
  • Bone Loss. As long as not too much bone tissue has been lost, teeth implants can still be successful. If there is not enough of the jawbone for teeth implants to bond, then bone grafting may be necessary before we begin the tooth replacement procedure.
  • Existing Medical Conditions. Any condition that would interfere with a patient’s ability to undergo anesthesia would be carefully evaluated. In general, if you can have typical dental work done, then you can have implant dentistry work done.
  • Gum Disease. Similar to bone loss, gum disease may not hurt the success of implant dentistry if the disease has not progressed too far.
  • Smoking Habit. Many factors must be considered for smokers, such as how long and how frequently they have been smoking. The best way to determine if your smoking habit disqualifies you for implant dentistry is through a consultation with Dr. Geren or Dr. Mady who can evaluate your mouth to determine if tooth replacement using implant dentistry is right for you.

To find out more and to schedule an appointment to discuss your tooth replacement options and learn whether you qualify for implant dentistry, call our Alexandria Virginia office.

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