Need An Implant? Nervous About Oral Surgery?

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If you’re missing one or more of your teeth and are thinking about dental implants, but worried about undergoing such a procedure, The Mount Vernon Center for Dental Anesthesia in Alexandria can help.

We get it. Millions of Americans cope with dental anxiety, even with something as simple as a cleaning and checkup. Some people even skip the dentist entirely, rather than endure an appointment.

It doesn’t need to be that way.


We offer four types of sedation:

  • Nitrous Oxide. You also know this as laughing gas. Nitrous oxide has been used in dentistry for more than a century and is highly effective.
  • Oral conscious sedation. You take a sedative an hour or so before the appointment. You won’t sleep, but will be in a deeply relaxed state. When the appointment is over, someone will have to drive you home.
  • IV Sedation. As the name suggests, this is a sedative that is administered intravenously. You won’t sleep with this on, either, but will be in a deeply relaxed state. You’ll need an escort for a ride here and back.
  • General Anesthesia. The one option that induces sleep, general anesthesia is for patients for whom the other three sedation levels are not enough to relax. It is for patients with intense dental anxiety, who are unable to cooperate, or have some other difficult issue.

Whether it’s for a dental implant or something simpler, sedation dentistry from The Mount Vernon Center for Dental Anesthesia in Alexandria is an ideal solution. Schedule an appointment with us today!

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