Pediatric Dentistry

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If you have children in the Alexandria or Mt. Vernon area, there is no better time to consider family dentistry than right now.

The best time to start your Alexandria children on a pediatric dentistry program is when their teeth first appear. This may seem a bit early, however it is a great time to become acquainted with family dentistry options, learn training techniques for teaching your children, and assessing the health of your child’s teeth before problems begin.

We can also help you identify family dentistry programs and services in the Alexandria area, for you child. If you have questions about family dentistry, please give us a call at Mt. Vernon Center for Dentistry. My name is James D. Geren, and my continuing education staff will be more than happy to talk with you about pediatric and family dentistry.

Remember: The best time to consider family dentistry is while you have options. Waiting until problems appear reduces your options; help your child grow healthy and strong teeth that will last a lifetime.

Bring your questions to our continuing education staff at Mt. Vernon Center for Dentistry. We are located at 8101 Hinson Farm Rd Ste 114 in Alexandria, VA.

We are looking forward to seeing you, and to discussing family dentistry with you and your children.

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