Happy and Healthy teeth with BioClear in Alexandria

Are you dissatisfied with one or more black triangle teeth? Patients who have black triangle teeth know what they are and how they can affect their aesthetic.

Fortunately, there are many options to improve the look of black triangle teeth at Mt. Vernon Center for Dentistry! Porcelain veneers are a classic way to cover up imperfections in your smile.

BioClear Matrix is one of the newest ways to cover up black triangle teeth. It is a less expensive alternative to traditional dental veneers.

What are the perks of BioClear Matrix?

This matrix dental system offers great patient benefits including:

  • Done in one visit: You won’t have to wait for your final results! No more temporary restorations or repeat dental appointments. Your matrix dental treatment will be completed in one appointment.
  • More affordable: BioClear Matrix is less expensive than traditional porcelain veneers.
  • Conservative care: This matrix dental treatment is more conservative than veneers or other restorations because it doesn’t require your natural teeth to be modified. No more enamel filing or tooth damage to get the smile you want.
  • Promotes long-term health: Because there’s no damage done in your matrix dental treatment, we protect the long-term health and survival of your teeth.
  • Easy to improve: If your treatment ever needs improvement, correction, or reversal, it’s an easy fix.
  • Stain resistant: BioClear Matrix has shown to be more stain resistant than typical dental bonding.
  • Beautiful results: BioClear Matrix has been proven to deliver beautiful, consistent results. You can get rid of those black triangle teeth and enjoy a more confident smile!

Happy and HealthyHow does BioClear work?

  1. BioClear Matrix uses flowable composites to fill in black triangle teeth. The composite texture is that of a thick liquid instead of a paste.
  2. Our doctors wrap thin mylar sheets around the teeth to create a mold for the new tooth.
  3. We fill in the mold with the liquid composite. The composite will fill in the base and the top of the tooth.
  4. The resin cools and hardens.
  5. We shape composite to give you flawless final results.

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