Periodontal Disease Is Linked To Systemic Diseases

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This message from the Mt. Vernon Center for Dentistry  in Alexandria looks at gum disease. The soft tissue in your mouth, like skin, has an important job. It safeguards the roots of your teeth. It also provides a barrier for the connective tissues and ligaments that hold your teeth in their sockets. Plus the alveolar…

Preventing Gum Disease

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Hearing that you have periodontal disease (gum disease) can be upsetting. Here at Mt. Vernon Center For Dentistry in Alexandria, Virginia, we are committed to educating and assisting patients in preventing gum disease. If you discover that you already have gum disease, don’t despair. We can help. Symptoms of Gum Disease Bleeding gums Swollen, tender…

If My Gums Bleed, Should I Stop Flossing?

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This is an essential question occasionally asked by patients at Mt. Vernon Center For Dentistry. The answer, however, is “No!” Bleeding is probably a sign that you need to clean your teeth and gums more thoroughly – not leave them alone. It is impossible to clean effectively between teeth without using floss or an interdental…

Swollen Gums?

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If Your Gums Are Swollen And Sore, Call Mt. Vernon Center For Dentistry

If you are a worried Alexandria resident experiencing inflamed gums or an aching tooth, you’re are not alone. About one third of U.S. adults are affected by tooth decay, according to the CDC, and gum disease plagues one in seven people age 35 to 40.1 Don’t ignore these symptoms, call Mt. Vernon Center For Dentistry…

Danger Zone! 5 Signs Of Gum Disease For Mt. Vernon

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Here is some vital news for Mt. Vernon residents: periodontal disease, or gum disease, is a major cause of tooth loss among adults. Fortunately, this problem is easy to treat if it is caught in the early stages. So, what warning signs should people be looking for? 1. Gums that bleed very easily 2. Gums…

A New Reason To Eat More Fish In Alexandria

Fight Gum Disease In Alexandria With Healthy Diet Changes

Hello Alexandria dental blog visitors, welcome to the Mt. Vernon Center for Dentistry blog. I am Dr. James D. Geren. I came across an interesting dental article on the Web MD Health News site the other day. The article is entitled ‘Fatty Fish, Nuts May Prevent Gum Disease.’ Author Jennifer Warner explains that a recent…